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4-Zone Temperature Control

Climatronic regulates the interior temperature in line with the preselected preferred temperature by means of automatic adjustment of the blower speed and operation of the air distributor flaps. It thus assures a pleasant climate in all operating and weather conditions, with virtually draught-free flow of air through the passenger compartment. The Climatronic system’s electronic control monitors all key influencing variables and sources of interference, such as the position of the sun, the intensity of its rays and the outside temperature, and adds more or less cool air accordingly.
The control unit's interface with the CAN data bus makes other comfort features available, too: automatic air recirculation when the windscreen washers are activated or when reverse is engaged shields the occupants from unpleasant odours. Speed-dependent control for the blower with automatic adjustment of the outlet temperature reduces noise levels when driving at low speeds.
Climatronic also includes a defrost function which can be activated at the push of a button to clear fogged or iced-up windows. This directs the full airflow onto the inside of the glass with a high blower setting. If the outside temperature is above 2.5 °C, the cooling system cuts in to dry the air.
In this way, the Climatronic system from Volkswagen improves passenger comfort as well as offering added convenience and safety. Maintaining a pleasant climate keeps the driver’s powers of concentration and reactions sharp, both of which are vital for safe motoring.

Various features are available, depending on the vehicle:

1-zone temperature control

2-zone temperature control
Divides the cabin into two climate zones. The driver and front passenger can select their temperatures independently of one another.

3-zone temperature control
The driver, front passenger and rear passengers can adjust their temperatures independently of one another.

4-zone temperature control
Divides the cabin into four climatic zones, each with individual temperature control.