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4XMOTION is the electronically controlled permanent four-wheel drive system in the Touareg. The permanent four-wheel drive system is the basis for its extraordinary off-road capability. The Touareg features a lockable centre differential with a multi-plate clutch and low-range gear. In normal operation, power distribution between the front and rear axles is smoothly adjusted as a function of the amount of slip. In addition, the centre differential can be locked to produce a fixed distribution ratio of the drive torque. The low-range gear ratio (2.69:1) for heavy-duty off-road driving can be selected electrically using the chassis control switch. This provides maximum drive force at low vehicle speeds and enables the Touareg to tackle gradients as steep as 100 percent (45°). If required, 4XMOTION can additionally be ordered with a rear-axle differential that produces a 100 percent locking effect between the rear wheels. The differential lock (100 percent) is activated manually at the driver’s command. The cross-axle lock is also automatically activated according to the situation encountered to improve traction and driving dynamics.