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7-Speed DSG Gearbox

DSG gearboxes comprise two independent gearbox units. As they move through the gears, the dual-clutch mechanism allows the engine to engage with each of the two gearboxes in turn via two drive shafts. The dual-clutch gearbox permits an automatic gear change with no interruption in power flow.
The gearbox is controlled via a mechatronics module, which houses the electronic control unit, various sensors as well as the hydraulic control elements in a single compact unit.
The DSG dual-clutch gearbox features two driving programs: normal mode and sport mode. In Sport mode, the DSG holds on to the gears for longer, as well as shifting down earlier as necessary.
However, gear changes can also be made manually. Tiptronic switches on the multifunction steering wheel make this action particularly sporty. Operation of the clutch is always fully automatic, however.

The 6-speed DSG is suited to higher-powered engines with torques of over 250 Nm. The dual clutch consists of two multi-plate clutches running in an oil bath.

The 7-speed DSG gearbox comes in two different versions:

  • For smaller engines: the maximum torque is 250 Nm. In this instance the dual clutch is dry-running, without an oil bath.
  • For engines subjected to higher loads: the maximum torque is 600 Nm. This DSG is therefore designed to cope with high torques.