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Traction Control (ASR)

For the high-torque engines, the traction control system offers more comfort and safety, particularly when driving on slippery roads or surfaces with differing degrees of grip. The traction control system facilitates smooth starting and acceleration over the entire speed range without wheelspin or fishtailing.
The traction control system operates in tandem with the electronic accelerator (E-Gas) and uses the wheel speed sensors of the anti-lock braking system (ABS). If a sudden increase in speed is detected at one of the drive wheels (slip), the traction control intervenes in the engine management system to counter this effect by throttling back engine power.
Traction control assures good traction and directional stability in the acceleration phase across the entire speed range and thus promotes active safety. In addition, it reduces tyre wear. Traction control also incorporates the electronic differential lock (EDL) and makes up part of the electronic stabilisation program (ESP).