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Liquefied Petroleum Gas

BiFuel vehicles from Volkswagen are factory-fitted with a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) drive system in addition to the existing petrol drive mode. This engine is designed to achieve efficient combustion with both fuels, thereby enabling uniform driving characteristics. There is a dedicated fuel distributor rail for each fuel type. When the LPG runs out, the engine switches automatically to petrol mode. The driver also has the opportunity to choose by pressing a button whether the car is to run in petrol or LPG mode. Engines converted to BiFuel operation at the factory have a longer service life and are safer than retrofitted engines; they are also covered by the Volkswagen warranty. The gas tank, which has undergone numerous crash-safety tests, is located in the spare wheel well. This space-saving solution does not restrict either the vehicle’s variability or its interior or luggage compartment volume. Compared with petrol engines, the CO2 emissions of BiFuel vehicles are reduced by up to 12 percent.