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Battery Energy Management

Battery energy management automatically ensures that sufficient battery power to start the engine is always available, based on the battery charge state and the temperature. It is designed to be effective even when the car is left unused for a prolonged period. Modern vehicles are constantly tapping the battery’s energy even when they are not in operation. For instance, the traffic news memory, anti-theft alarm system and radio remote control receiver all constantly consume a small amount of electricity. If the charge level becomes critical, the system gradually shuts down the car’s non-operative consumption. The dynamic energy management system permanently monitors the battery voltage and the charging activity while the car is being driven. If necessary, the system increases the idle speed slightly in order to increase the alternator’s charging output. In extreme cases, very high-consumption components such as the seat heating or rear window heating are temporarily shut down. Comfort does not suffer as a result – during normal vehicle operation this interruption is so brief that the driver does not even notice.