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Anti-Theft Alarm System

The anti-theft alarm system with electronic immobiliser offers maximum protection against vehicle theft. Audible and visual warning signals attract the attention of passers-by and deter potential thieves. An acoustic alarm is triggered when unauthorised entry is detected by contacts on the doors, engine compartment and luggage compartment lid or by ultrasonic motion sensors. The ultrasonic system also detects anyone trying to get into the car through a broken window.
The latest generation of anti-theft alarms has a warning horn that operates independently of the car’s own electrical system and a time-controlled alarm that sounds in response to the unauthorised opening of a door. Locking the car primes the alarm, unlocking the car turns it off. Some Volkswagen models include tilt sensors as part of the anti-theft alarm system. If these detect any change in the car’s position (caused by an attempt to tow it away) the alarm will sound. Initially, the horn sounds intermittently for 30 seconds and the hazard warning lights flash continuously.

The anti-theft alarm system “Plus” also includes interior monitoring and tow-away protection to prevent the vehicle being towed away by force.