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Dynamic Shift Program

The dynamic shift program is a feature of automatic transmissions. It calculates the best gear at any one time based on both vehicle-related and driver-related data.
This means that the gearbox control unit selects the best gear at all times, based on the engine map data and the current driving situation. The selection takes into account the current speed, the weight of any trailer being towed and whether the vehicle is travelling uphill or downhill.
The program also adapts to the driver’s individual style and adjusts the gearshift points accordingly. If the driver adopts a sporty driving style, the engine will be allowed to rev higher through the gears, but if the accelerator is used more lightly, the gearbox will change up earlier. This has no influence on the kickdown function, which is available in every situation.
The dynamic shift program ensures that the engine’s output is used to optimum effect by selecting the correct gear, keeping fuel consumption and exhaust emissions low as a result.