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Volkswagen offers models powered by a virtually single-fuel natural-gas drive system under the name of EcoFuel. The engine is optimised for running on natural gas, which reduces fuel consumption and has a positive effect on emissions. This is because EcoFuel engines running in natural gas mode produce about 80 percent less carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides compared to a similar petrol engine. CO2 emissions are also reduced by 23 percent and the proportion of methane hydrocarbons drops by a remarkable 73 percent. And the vehicle’s utility is not impaired in any way: the natural-gas tanks are integrated using a space-saving underfloor solution, meaning that neither versatility nor the size of the interior/load compartment are compromised.

The natural-gas-based fuel is sold under the name CNG (Compressed Natural Gas). It is sold in two grades in Germany: H-gas and L-gas. The more expensive H-gas has a higher calorific value, enabling the vehicle to cover a greater range than with the same quantity of L-gas.