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Radio Remote Control

Radio remote control for the central locking is a major convenience feature. This locks and unlocks all doors and the luggage compartment lid by means of a radio signal. Depending on the specification, there is a simple setting which allows only the driver door to be unlocked (individual door opening).

Access to the fuel tank cap is automatically controlled via the central locking. If required, the luggage compartment lid can be opened separately using a dedicated button on the radio remote control. The vehicle’s locks are designed in such a way that the doors can no longer be opened using the door lock buttons once the car has been locked using the radio remote control. This considerably improves break-in protection. The interior switch, which the driver can press quickly in potentially dangerous situations to lock all doors and the luggage compartment lid at the same time, provides additional protection from attack.

The luggage compartment is locked as soon as the vehicle starts moving; this rules out unauthorised access at traffic lights or in traffic jams. It is then automatically unlocked again if the key is removed from the ignition or if someone gets out of the vehicle.
Furthermore, the speed-dependent automatic full central locking can be activated; this function locks all doors and the boot as soon as the vehicle exceeds a speed of 15 km/h. The doors and boot are likewise automatically unlocked if the key is removed from the ignition or if one of the occupants opens a door.