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Interior Mirror, Automatically Dimming

The automatically dimming interior mirror contributes to greater comfort and safety when driving at night by preventing the driver from being dazzled by vehicles behind. It consists of a mirror element and an electronic unit with two photo sensors. The electronics use the photo sensors to detect incidental light from in front and behind. If the amount of light from behind is greater than that from in front, the mirror is darkened accordingly. For this purpose, the surface of the mirror features a layer of electrolytes, similar to the LCD display of a mobile phone. These electrolytes consist of uniform crystals. When a voltage is applied, the crystals arrange themselves at a given angle, determining how much light is reflected. The strength of the voltage determines to what extent the mirror is darkened. The darkening effect and the subsequent lightening take place almost instantly and are infinitely adjustable. As the driver does not have to operate the mirror manually, both hands can remain on the steering wheel, further boosting safety.