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Cornering Light

The dynamic cornering light is a swivelling bi-xenon system that follows the movements of the steering wheel. Volkswagen offers it in conjunction with the static turning light. It illuminates bends in the road more effectively. By considerably optimising illumination by up to 90 percent, the system ensures greater safety and reduces the risk of accidents when cornering. The trajectory of the corner can be recognised significantly earlier, as can obstacles, persons and animals around the corner. The driver therefore has more valuable time to react in critical situations.

Above a speed of 10 km/h, the dynamic cornering light follows the trajectory of the corner. It has a maximum swivel angle of 15 degrees. The headlights light around the corner, so to speak. The xenon module on the inside of the corner swivels by up to 15 degrees to the inside and the one on the outside by up to 7.5 degrees to the outside of the corner. These restrictions on angle ensure that the light does not dazzle drivers of oncoming vehicles.