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Engine Drag Torque Control (MSR)

Engine drag torque control (MSR) prevents the driven wheels from locking on slippery surfaces under the influence of engine braking. This can happen if the driver releases the accelerator abruptly or shifts down a gear quickly. The braking effect of the engine may cause the driven wheels to skid. They temporarily lose traction and the vehicle becomes unstable. In such situations, MSR maintains directional stability and boosts safety.
The MSR control unit receives the necessary information from the wheel speed sensors and the engine or transmission control unit via the data bus. If the control unit identifies slipping of the driven wheels, MSR sends a signal via the data bus to the engine management. The engine speed is increased slightly until the driven wheels are once more rotating as fast as the road speed. This keeps the vehicle steerable and ensures that directional stability is maintained. Engine drag torque control is operational across the entire speed range.