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Radio Data System (RDS)

RDS stands for Radio Data System and is a service provided by radio stations. As well as the audible station broadcast, additional information is transmitted in the form of encoded digital signals which can be processed by RDS-compatible radios. Due to the fact that the name of the station is transmitted (Program Service), the radio displays the name of the station rather than its frequency.
The specification of alternative frequencies (AF) makes it possible to select the strongest available frequency for the selected station. If a signal becomes weaker, the radio switches automatically to a new frequency for the same station.
Traffic Announcement (TA) plays traffic reports at a preset volume, even if a different audio source (CD or cassette) is currently active or if the radio is switched to mute. In addition, the radio switches automatically within a network of stations from a station that does not broadcast traffic reports to one that does (EON, Enhanced Other Network).