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Rain Sensor

The Volkswagen rain sensor automatically regulates the windscreen wiper speed according to the intensity of the rain.
The sensor is housed in the mount of the interior mirror. It consists of a number of infrared LEDs and a central photodiode. The light emitted by the LEDs is reflected by the windscreen onto the photo sensor. The more drops of water there are on the windscreen, the less light the sensor receives. This information is relayed to an electronic control unit, which adapts the wiper interval accordingly. There is also a selector switch for individually adjusting the sensitivity of the sensor. The rain sensor is designed such that minor windscreen damage, dirt or ageing do not impair its functionality.
The benefits of the rain sensor are comfort and safety. The driver is able to concentrate fully on the road, without having to worry about adjusting the wiper interval. This is a major boost to safety, particularly when visibility is suddenly impaired while overtaking trucks on a wet road, for example.