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Brake Energy Regeneration

Brake energy regeneration helps to get the most out of the energy that is necessarily used for driving. During coasting and braking – i.e. whenever the driver takes his foot off the accelerator or brakes – the alternator voltage increases, causing the car battery to recharge on a large scale.

Thanks to the alternator management system and the fact that the battery is therefore always optimally charged, the alternator voltage can be reduced, for example when the vehicle is accelerating or driving at a constant speed. It is even possible for the alternator to be completely shut down. This reduces the load on the engine and reduces fuel consumption. In order to use brake energy regeneration, special energy management software is required, as is modified software for the engine control unit.

Brake energy regeneration is one of the efficient and eco-compatible technologies that Volkswagen pools together under its BlueMotionTechnologies umbrella brand.