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KESSY Locking And Starting System

Keyless Access and Kessy are the automatic locking and starting systems from Volkswagen. They offer the driver maximum convenience: he merely has to carry the key on his person but not necessarily in his hand.
The most important components of keyless systems are the ID sender in the car key, the electronic ignition lock, the starter button, the control unit, the electric steering column lock and the aerials and sensors in the door handles.
The key is identified via proximity sensors in the door handles and a radio pulse generator in the key housing as soon as the driver is within approximately 1.50 metres of the car. The vehicle is automatically unlocked as soon as the door handle (or boot lid) is actuated. The steering and ignition can also be released completely electronically and without use of the key before setting out. Provided the driver has the key on his person while inside the car, the engine can be started simply by pressing the starter button down fully. But the car key can also be used like a conventional key to operate the central locking and start the engine via the ignition lock. When leaving the car, it suffices to press the small locking button on the door handles in order to lock the vehicle.