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Side-Impact Protection

Due to the practically non-existent crumple zones at the side of the vehicle and the immediate proximity of the occupant to the other party involved, the parameters of a side impact are very different to those of a frontal impact. Unlike the front and rear sections, this area of the car body offers very little scope for absorbing energy by means of material deformation. So that the passenger compartment is deformed in a very specific way in the event of a crash, this area must be made as stable as possible and the restraint systems used must be designed to respond in a matter of milliseconds.
Volkswagen uses different safety mechanisms in the side of the car, which effectively reduce the risk of injury:

  • Side impact bars increase the rigidity of the doors and distribute the energy in the event of a side-on crash. 
  • Large door overlaps with the posts increase the deformation strength. The forces that occur in the event of a crash can therefore be better absorbed into the floor and the roof supports. 
  • Stable A, B and C posts ensure that the passenger compartment is resistant to deformation.
  • Stable cross-bracings in the floor ensure that sufficient survival space is preserved.
  • Optimally matched side and head airbags serve as the restraint system in the event of a side impact.