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Lane Assist

Lane Assist helps to prevent accidents caused by unintentionally wandering out of lane, and represents a major safety gain on motorways and major trunk roads. If there is an indication that the vehicle is about to leave the lane unintentionally, Lane Assist alerts the driver visually and by means of a signal on the steering wheel (Touareg).
Depending on the vehicle, Lane Assist also gently and continuously countersteers (Passat CC). Should the countersteering force not be enough to keep the vehicle in its lane, the driver is alerted by means of a vibration in the steering wheel. If the driver takes his hands off the wheel for eight to ten seconds, the system notices this. There is an acoustic and visual signal in the instrument cluster, asking the driver to take over, and the system is then switched off. From speeds of 65 km/h upwards, the system detects the road markings by means of a camera in the region of the interior mirror. This applies both to continuous lines and to broken road markings (such as the centre line). In the Touareg, Lane Assist detects the lane even if there is only one lane marking. The system also works in the dark or in fog. However, if it cannot detect any lane markings the system does not work. Equally, the lane departure warning system does not work if the turn signal has been set before crossing a lane marking. The driver can “override” Lane Assist at any time by applying minimal force, and is not relieved of his responsibility to make conscious driving decisions.