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Side Assist

Side Assist aids the driver when changing lane. Two radar systems at the rear scan the areas up to around 50 metres behind the vehicle and in the blind spots to the sides.

Side Assist signals any vehicle which is in the critical zone for a lane change, regardless of whether a lane change is in progress or not.

The system draws the driver’s attention to the potential danger with a light that comes on in the exterior mirror on the side in question.

If the driver nevertheless signals to change lane, the same LED light starts to flash more brightly and draws attention to the danger.

Instead of distracting the driver with unnecessary warnings, allowance is always made for the relative difference in vehicle speeds.
Side Assist only gives a warning for vehicles that could actually be a risk if the driver were to make a lane change.

It only works at speeds in excess of 60 km/h and is activated by pressing a button.

Side Assist is the ideal technical complement to the vehicle (exterior mirrors) and to the driver (glance over the shoulder) to prevent dangerous situations from arising when changing lanes and to take the strain off the driver.