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TSI EcoFuel

TSI EcoFuel stands for the combination of a standard natural gas power plant with the innovative Twincharger technology. The bivalent and quasi-monovalent TSI EcoFuel engines will run on both natural gas and petrol. In order to tap the full potential of natural gas as a fuel, the engines are modified by way of various measures and optimally adapted to run on natural gas:

  • A smaller turbocharger is used in conjunction with the compressor.
  • The intake manifold is provided with additional gas injector nozzles.
  • The catalytic converter is modified.
  • The engine management system is completely revised to operate on natural gas and petrol.

Added to this are other components required for supplying the fuel:

  • A high-pressure controller
  • The specific gas rail for supplying the injectors
  • And further safety-relevant components